Kendra Ashe

Wicked Spooky Books

Three Witches and a Killer


Who hasn't thought about turning their ex into a brain dead zombie?

Something sinister is afoot in the town of Shadow Crossing.

Sadie Costello's life has just been turned upside down. When she returned to her hometown of Shadow Crossing, she'd hoped to put a recent and very messy divorce behind her and start anew, but not everything goes as planned.

Sadie has accidentally turned her ex into a zombie and now she has to keep him hidden in her closet until she can reverse the spell.

That's just the start of her problems. Life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

As part of her starting over plan, Sadie opens the Shadow Crossing Detective Agency, Spooks Included. Her father isn't fond of the spooks included part, but she thinks it's appropriate in an old town known for its witch presence and other odd creatures.

Almost as soon as she opens doors for business, Sadie gets an anonymous client who's convinced that someone is out to kill the heads of the five witch families known as the CO5.

This is bad news, considering her Aunt Selena is the head of one of those families. It isn't long before the killer strikes again and there's no telling who will be next.


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