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Dead Man Calling - An Undertaker Mystery

Want total chaos? Mix ghosts, with a sexy werewolf, a crazy monkey, and a totally lost reaper

Jazz Sweeney has just inherited a mortuary, which would be so bad, except she has also inherited the ghosts that go with it.
   Life suddenly changes for Jazz when she receives an inheritance from her long lost grandfather. She bids farewell to her job at Happy Days Burgers and sets out to convert Blackwell Rest into a nightclub. 
   But she has a few surprises coming her way.
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Dead Like Ted - An Undertaker Mystery

Death wears pumps.

   And that isn't even the worst part of her day. 
   Being a reaper isn't nearly as easy as flipping hamburgers, but Jazz has never been one to shrug off responsibility. Still, she isn't happy about visiting the state penitentiary to reap the soul of a serial killer. 

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Dead Freaks Tell No Tales - An Undertaker Mystery

Welcome to the Freak Zone 

The circus is in town and Sir Edward has decided to run away and join them. To make matters worse, the murders start as soon as the Gustav Brothers’ Circus pulls into town.

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Dead at the Altar - An Undertaker Mystery

Coming Soon

November 12

Will it be wedding bells or funeral bells? 

Trouble is brewing in Eastwood. Jazz can’t help but wonder if the bride that haunts Bridal Falls might be behind the strange deaths of two men, both of which were about to walk down the aisle. When Lyndy is left standing at the altar and her groom is nowhere to be found, the disappearing groom drama gets personal. 

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