Kendra Ashe

Wicked Spooky Books

Ghost Eyes

When the truth is worse than your darkest fears.

As children, Kara and Colin were inseparable but tragedy came between them. Now she needs Colin to help her discover the truth of her brother's disappearance, but he might also be the one who helps mend her broken spirit.

With its magnolia-lined streets and quaint little shops, Bayou Landing is the picture-perfect small town, but beneath its charming exterior, there are dark secrets and haunting nightmares.

Twenty years ago, two children disappeared without a trace, leaving Bayou Landing and Kara Savoy changed forever.


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Ice Angels

Kara Savoy hunts killers but this time she’s the one being hunted.

After a three-year lull, the Ice Angel murders have started again and the killer is leaving clues that point to Kara as being his next victim. The only thing standing between her and a deranged serial killer is FBI Agent Colin Reid and possibly the ghost of her twin brother.

Dubbed by the media as the Ice Angel Killer for his habit of encasing his victim’s in ice, a deranged madman hunts down and kills women who claim to be psychic. After Kara Savoy makes the newspapers for her success in locating a little boy who’d gone missing in a local state park, she comes to the killer’s attention. Now he will stop at nothing to make her one of his ice angels.