Kendra Ashe

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Conspiracies and Stuff

Murder, lies and little green men are just the beginning of a very bad day for Kat Parker.

By day, Kat works as a waitress at the town's only travel center - truck stop, by night she moonlights as an armature sleuth and paranormal investigator. Life is strange and often unpredictable, but she hasn't seen anything yet.

The once peaceful town of Dreamland Junction has been in chaos for weeks, and things are about to get a lot worse.

A handsome stranger walks into the ET Landing Café and orders a cup of coffee. Not so unusual, except that she's been seeing the stranger's face in her dreams for weeks, and they are those kinds of dreams that no one ever talks about; the kind that sends you into a cold shower in the wee hours of the morning.

To top that off, her best friend is convinced aliens are abducting him while he sleeps, not to mention a young mother is discovered dead off the side of the highway, and her five-year-old son is missing.



Murder, Lies, and Little Green Men

Murder, mayhem, and high strangeness continue in Dreamland Junction.

   There's a UFO festival coming to town, and that means lots of overtime for Kat Parker.

   Between working at the ET Landing Café, and uncovering all the government's deep dark secrets, also known as Black Projects, she barely has time to breathe.

   That's life in Dreamland Junction.

   But then the chaos changes from just bizarre, to downright scary. Someone is trying to kill her.

   Fortunately, Kat knows how to handle killers, mostly anyway. What she might not be able to handle is the handsome stranger who keeps trying to save her life, and date her at the same time.