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Dead at the Altar - An Undertaker Mystery

Will it be Funeral Bells or Wedding Bells?







The Haunting of Midway House

Now Available 

Spooky Haunted House Mystery

Phantom Clowns and a decades-old murder mystery

To save her daughter from a horrible fate, a young mother must unravel a haunted house mystery and recall a blocked childhood memory.
There's a serial killer stalking the children of White Oaks. When a neighbor child goes missing, Diane decides to move to Midway House, an old and isolated house that brings her closer than ever to the nightmare she doesn't want to remember.
In Midway House, the dead don't rest and nightmares come to life.
Soon she discovers that Midway house once belonged to the owner of a traveling carnival, but when the carnival left town, a few phantom clowns might have remained.

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Ghost Eyes - A Ghost Files Novel

Romantic Suspense Thriller

Release October 21

When the truth is worse than your darkest fears.


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Three Witches and a Killer - Wicked Western Witches

Who hasn't thought about turning their ex into a brain dead zombie?